Unveiling the New iPhone Factory Near Bengaluru❤️

Apple's new iPhone factory near Bengaluru 

Apple intends to relocate its iPhone manufacturing facility from China to India and invest in a new iPhone manufacturing facility in Karnataka to generate 100,000 jobs. The new facility is anticipated to produce iPhone components and perhaps even put together Apple's devices.

Unveiling the New iPhone Factory Near Bengaluru

Apple plans to move its iPhone production line from China to India. According to reports, the IT giant is investing $700 million in a new plant in the Indian state of Karnataka. According to Rajeev Chandrasekhar, the Union Minister of State for Electronics and IT, the factory will be constructed on a 300-acre plot. 100,000 new employees will be created in India as a result of the construction of the new factory, according to Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai.

Foxconn is apparently in the planning stages of constructing a new facility close to the Bengaluru airport in Karnataka, India, according to a Bloomberg article. The 300-acre property will house the facility, which will largely produce iPhone parts although there are rumours that it may also be utilised to build the handsets.

Furthermore, speculations indicate that Foxconn would produce some components at the same location for its next electric vehicle project. Apple hasn't released any formal statements about these changes as of yet.
Foxconn is apparently in the planning stages of constructing a new factory close to the, according to a Bloomberg article. Hon'ble Chairman Young Liu said in his most recent visit to India, "My visit this week supports Foxconn's efforts to strengthen alliances, meet old friends and forge new ones, and explore collaboration in new sectors including semiconductor development and electric vehicles.

It is anticipated that the construction of the envisioned iPhone plant in India will result in the creation of about 100,000 new jobs. This amount is dwarfed by the workforce at the present iPhone assembly facility in Zhengzhou, China, which supposedly employs some 200,000 people.
More than 20,000 workers, including new hires, were compelled to leave the Foxconn factory in Zhengzhou, China, in November 2022 as a result of violent demonstrations that erupted there. The workers' complaints had been increasing over the past few days, and they blamed their unhappiness on the bad working conditions. Foxconn attempted to regain control by bribing freshly hired employees 10,000 yuan ($1,400) to quit the factory.


Q1. Why is Apple moving its iPhone manufacturing to India from China?
A1. In order to lessen its reliance on China and to take advantage of the expanding market potential in India, Apple intends to move its iPhone manufacturing facility there from China.

Q2: How many jobs will be created in Karnataka by Apple's new iPhone factory?
A2: Around 100,000 jobs are anticipated to be created in India as a result of Apple's new iPhone manufacturing in Karnataka. Significant job possibilities would be created, and it will help India achieve its objective of having a $5 trillion economy by 2025.

Q3. Where is Foxconn travelling from to reach Bangalore?
A3. Apple is thinking about shifting its manufacturing away from China. For the Indian tech centre Bengaluru, Foxconn has purchased 1.2 million square metres (13 million sq ft) of property in Devanahalli close to the airport.

Q4. Which Apple manufacturer is located in Karnataka?
A4. Foxconn recently disclosed that it has purchased a sizable parcel of property in Bengaluru, a major centre for technology. Foxconn, a significant Apple supplier and the largest manufacturer of electronics in Taiwan will begin producing iPhones in Bengaluru by April 2024, according to Large and Medium Industries Minister MB Patil on Thursday.

Q5.5. Is the iPhone built-in in Karnataka?
A5. The iPhone in India: By April 2024, Foxconn plans to start making smartphones in Karnataka. According to the state government, Foxconn, Apple's largest supplier, will begin producing iPhones in Karnataka in April 2019.

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